The New Kerala

The modernising Kerala contains many facets. Sometimes the new world puts great pressure on old structures and relationships. Sometimes, it is unexpected how society responds...

A Tailor’s Blessing Hand

An alternative to silicons implants for poor women

An Unusual Hartal Experience

Innovative way to break the hartal

Chat Marriages

Chat leads to marriage is new trend

Online chat & marriage

Indian Men You Learn Cooking ..... Lest

Women expect men to be able to cook

39.5 per cent bluntly said they expect their men to know how to cook.

Lottery the Looter

The perils of the Lottery

Love Delivers Fainting

Mobile Phone disappointment

A Love story of M Tech postgraduate girl for her mobile phone friend

Mobile Phone Crazy Malayalees

Kerala goes mobile crazy...

Innumerable Mobile connections in Kerala

Parents turned Students

Teaching the Students & the Parents

Most of the students in the school come from lower middle class or middle class and they do not have knowledge of English

Pat Of Paddy

Waterlogged Paddies

Exploiting the owners of Kol Paddy

Reward to Emulate a Liver-Donor’s Gesture

Reward to Emulate a Liver-Donor’s Gesture

The Metamorphosis

Suja is the first in family to go to college.

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