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Thieves’ Pet Village for Burglary

Sleepless Mararikulam village

There is no sleep for the inhabitants of Mararikulam village in Alappuzha. Their sleep is deprived by night thieves who have a penchant for Mararikulam. Healthy male folks of the village assemble at a place and walk in alert helter-skelter till dawn to catch hold of the invading thieves. This night vigil has continued for one year.

The menace of the thieves started 2 years ago. There is no house which has not been burgled twice or thrice during this period. If house inmates are awakened the thieves strangle them, tie the hands and legs and close the mouth by cello-tape. If valuables are not there in the house even foot wears and cloths found will be taken away. Gold ornaments and other valuables are their preference.

Thieves’ modus-operandi is to steal continuously for some days and then disappear for a week or so and come again. At certain occasions there have been instances of burgling ten or twelve house in a night. So far none of the thieves have been in the net of villagers or the police who are also on alert to nab them. None of the villages in Kerala has been subjected to constant stealing like Mararikulam.

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