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Toddy Over-Rules Home Needs

A life lived in Toddy

A son must have his toddy even if the mother cannot cook the curry.

Farm worker Raman’s prime concern is to arrange his minimum quota of toddy somehow or other.  During monsoon he has no daily work.  The other day he got a part-time work for which he received rupees one hundred.  His mother aged over 75 was in search of him to ask cash for buying some grocery items as she knew he had work.  She waited in a grocery store as this store is on the way to toddy shop.  Luckily, he appeared on the spot.  The mother enumerated the bare minimum items to be purchased for the curry of supper.  The angry looking Raman extended a 100-rupee note with an order to return rupees fifty-five.  The mother purchased two or three items in bare minimum quantity the aggregated value of which was rupees fifty.  The store-man gave back balance fifty of rupees 100 note given.  The mother extended this rupees fifty to the son when he hilariously exploded saying he needs rupees fifty-five for his bare minimum quota of toddy.  The poor mother gave back chilli powder and got back its value of Rs 5 which she gave to the son.  She added, today’s curry will be without chilli to which the son said he does not mind and walked away.

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