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Tourists Flocking to Kerala during Monsoon

Monsoon Tourism

Monsoon tourism marketed in the State since 2009 is taking fast upward trend. People especially from Gulf States now opt for Kerala than European countries hitherto they preferred. Monsoon soaking, ayurveda rejuvenation therapy and local foods are main things they want to utilize and enjoy. Wayanad and Munnar are most favoured monsoon destinations. Two years ago hotels were booked to the extent of only 30 percent as against this year’s100 percent till July end in these two destinations.

Domestic tourists especially from Gujarat and Rajasthan are fond of visiting Kerala during monsoon. From IT city Bangalore the flow is more to the nearest Wayanad.

Kalaripayattu, kathakali, theyyam, mohiniyattom, rain songs, tribal dances etc is a good treat for monsoon tourists.

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