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Turbid-water Floated Wife in Husband’s Safe Hands

Wife reached to the hand of Husband

From Monday’s landslips deaths in Kannur and Kozhikode Jinu’s name got erased by sheer luck. Jinu was on leave from Saudi Arabia where she works as a nurse.

Jinu entrusted her 45-day old baby to mother and stepped out to the courtyard and cell-phoned her husband Abhilash who had gone out to come home quickly as turbid water flows from the hills through the two small canals in either side of their house turned furious and overflowing. Immediately on her turning back to step in to the house the portion where she was standing eroded along with her and immersed in the turbid flowing water. She was rolling in floating and de-floating mode for about a kilometer crossing many landed properties. She would have been reached straight in the agitated river close-by but for the chocked culvert in the canal due to the accumulation of mud and forest remains. Because of the chalked culvert the furious water changed its course to a road. At this moment Abhilash returning to home following the call of wife noticed a human body among the trees and boulders in the flowing water. He readied to rescue the human body and lifted it in his arms when to his utter jolt he realized it is his beloved wife. She was in semi-coma as mud and muddy water have entered her body system. Immediately he took her to the nearest hospital from where after first aid to a city hospital in Kozhikode. She was to return to Sauid in the ensuing Saturday.

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