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Tusker in Chain for 5 Years

Tusker Chained since 2007

27-year old elephant Keerthi belonging to Guruvayur Devasom is in chain for the last 5 years in the elephant stable of the Devasom at Punnathurkotta. In a weak moment Keerthi killed his first mahout on 15 August 2007 and since then he is chained.

Keerthi turned violent during an ‘aanayoottu’ (elephant feeding) in Ganesamangalam temple at Chettuva in Thrissur district and chased the first mahout about 3 km before trampling him to death. After a pause of calming down he tried to attack second mahout also. Thereafter no mahouts were prepared to look after him for fear of life.

Daring newly appointed temporary mahouts have shown willingness to be watch and wards of Keerthi. This paves the way for getting Keerthi unchained shortly

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