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Unexploited Kanthanpara Falls

Kanthanpara falls is honeymoon seekers’ paradise.

The breath-taking ambience of Kanthanpara water falls is yet to be fully exploited by the tourists at large though some have utilized it. The cool and serene Kanthanpara which is in Wayanad has many beauty spots. The falls down to 30 metres in crystal clear and pure than mineral water is beathtaking. The hearts of nature lovers will stick here. Photography crazers will refuse to vacate the spot. Trekking is yet another opening.

Kanthanpara falls is honeymoon seekers’ paradise. May to September is the most ideal time though round the year it will attract visitors. The other famous Meenmutti and Soochippara falls are in a stone’s throw away distance from Kanthanpara. Time permitting three falls clubbing visit is worth taking.

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