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Vacant Houses – A Job Boom

Vaccant Houses in Kerala

2011 census says there are 11 lakh vacant houses in Kerala. 95 per cent of it belongs to NRIs in US, Europe and Gulf. Many of the vacant houses are with no care and security and are easy prey for burglars and anti-social elements.

Capital of the posh houses (many of them vacant) in the State is Central Travancore as NRIs of this region are mostly in US and Europe.

The menace of house-looters and anti-social elements in the vacant houses has resulted boom for jobless locals with no educational or trade qualifications. The house owners staying abroad have realized it is better to appoint somebody as security or caretaker so that trespass of pests and weeds too can control. Thousands are in the job which fetches anything between Rs 3000 to Rs 10000 per month. This is an unexpected job opening in the State.


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