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Venomous Aunt

Deceit stops aunt from ruining feast

Aunt is not invited to wedding feast...

Betrothal eve entertainment party in Gopi’s house went through peacefully contrary to the anticipated revolt of a fire brand aunt staying close-by. She was invited to the party by his father though they are in utterly bad terms due to her ugly behaviour and stained character. She along with her two sisters, barring one sister, did not attend the function on the ground the boy did not invite them personally. Everybody in the village and in the boy’s family was expecting outpouring of filths loudly when the guests gather as she is famed to such acts. She tossed her tongue into sheath as she afraid of picking up by police. Somebody, pretending a well wisher, had informed her that police in mufti is present in the scene following complaint by boy’s father. That worked.

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