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Venue of Mamankam

The last Mamankam held was in 1755 AD.

Mamankam, now non-exist) is a contest/fight festival held once in every 12 years held in the banks of Bharathapuzha and in front of the ancient Nava Mukunda temple for a prolonged period of 28 days to select a new king. It was an event of trade fare as well in which traders from various countries participated.

In the penultimate day of the Mamankam a new king is used to be choosen in the presence of many rulers and the right to conduct Mamankam vested in the ruling king.

After the rule of Perumals ended it was the turn of the ruler of the Valluvanad. As the trade fare offered vast economical gain there used to be conflicts among the rulers to gain control of the Mamankam fair.

The last Mamankam held was in 1755 AD.

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