Village Characters

Vignettes about the more unusual or mischievous characters in our panchayat...

A Food Crazy Lad

A gourmand searches for fine dining

No marriage feast is complete with him in the corner.

A Pseudo Materialist

Hiding her prayers

A Teacher Swims Across a River to Reach School

Teacher swims to School

Maths teacher swims to school every day to save time, avoid fare and not be impacted by hartal.

A Unique Ritual

Abhedashram, an Ashram at Thiruvananthapuram is venue of a unique ritual since last 58 years.

Anthonyettan’s Mobile Bakery

Baker uses Kavu to sell his home-baked bread

His earning from the 43 years toiled business is a small house on 2.5 cents of land.

Bad Omen Prediction and Its Aftermath

inoj’s attempt to kill the baby by hitting him in floor was foiled by his sister’s husband.

Cheated Charity

Sometime charity makes dismay

Cold Blooded Crime

Mohammed Sherif, 33, of Arikode in Malappuram district is a heartless man

Dentist Dons the Cap of Newspaper Boy

Dentist take the role of Newspaper boy

Dubious Act

A tale of alcohol taking over a life

Film-star Addict Aniruddhan

Keeping the memory of Jayan alive

Mammootty-crazy Head-load Worker

One man's love for Mammootty

Rolled Gold Plays Villain

She went to police in spite of her husband telling her to ignore it, but she felt cheated and decided to expose father.

Unkindly Transformation

Haj turns women harsh

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