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Vintage Valve Radio

Vintage Valve Radio

The once buried valve radios have come out of the grave to adorn drawing rooms in Kozhikode. Hydrose Koya, better known as ‘Radio Koya’ is the man behind this reversal trend. His house is a chest of valve radios. Wherever you look in his house there you can find a valve radio. All are in well-performing condition .Just on rotating the knobs music flows. None of the modern music system can compete with valve radios in sound quality, he says. Even a 400-watt modern music system is nothing to match a 20-watt valve radio and more over, its antique value is immense, he adds.

He was bonded to valve radio right from his early years. Children used to misunderstand him as an ice-cream vendor and ask for ice-cream whenever he carried his big radio on cycle to repair-shop, he recalls.

He was a habitual observer of the work being done by radio mechanics. Through such an observation he learned to repair and assemble valve radio.

In the present generation only very few are there knowing valve radio mechanism. His thorough knowledge in the profession of yesteryear is fortified by the fact that valve radio possessors from other States too visit him for retrieving their radio sets to life.

The price o f valve radios wherever available was stagnated around rupees 300 before the year 2000 which is now above rupees 3000. The bigger one in size fetches the price five or ten times of a medium size

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