War On Lighting Sunset Lamp

Who lights the sunset lamp is a problem.

Neighbours fight over the lighting of the sunset lamp.

The less and soft spoken Karthikeyan’s neighbour in front is fire-brand Janu of past 70.

In Hindu families there is a custom of lighting oil-lamp at sunset in front of the house.  Seeing this lamp first in south or west is considered inauspicious according to Hindu mythology.  Karthikeyan’s house is east faced whereas Janu’s house is west faced and in between the two houses passes a road.  Often Janu and Karthikeyan’s family engage in mouth fights on the issue of lighting the lamp.  If Karthikeyan’s family lights the lamp before Janu lights she pours filthy words.  Neighbours and passers-by are often forced to close their ears.  If she lights first and Karthikayan’s family follows the suit, the intensity of inauspiciousness minimizes, she wrongly believes.  Peace-loving Karthikeyan family now-a-days lights the lamp only after Janu has done to ward of her wrath.

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