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Well Paid Pigeon Business

Pigeons and Rate Breeds

C Yusuf of Cherumukku, near Tirurangadi in Malappuram district is fascinated in breeding and marketing pigeons of rare breeds. The interest in pigeon influenced Yusuf to abandon his job in the Gulf 13 years ago. Upon returning home he started a pigeon business. He has exotic varieties imported from Iran, Iraq, USA, Spain and Netherlands. Old German Cropper, Iranian Timbler, Lille Panter, King etc include in the varieties.

The terrace of his house is the home of his well protected pigeons. Security alarm starts sounding when the door to terrace is opened. Here about 300 pigeons of 30 varieties valued Rs 400 to Rs 1 lakh per pair are nestled. The squab’s price is just half of the price of grown ups. Squabs put on sale are of two months old. Old German Cropper is the costliest. A leg of each one is ringed with information of age and country of origin.

At a time pigeons lay 2 eggs every 20 days. Yusuf hatches the eggs using local pigeons. Local pigeons are better for hatching than any other variety.

He has a monthly income of about Rs one lakh from pigeons’ sale.

There is a pigeon society in Kerala in the name Kerala Pigeon Society for helping pigeon growers. Pigeon breeders can avail necessary advices from the society.

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