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Highly medicated special oil is poured as an even stream on to the forehead continuously to pacify.

The patient is made to lie down on his back and dhara vessel is suspended about 5cm above his forehead. Then medicated oil is poured in to the dhara vessel. Pouring is to be done very slowly to prevent the scattering. The vessel should be moved to either side of the forehead during the treatment. After the procedure hot water bath is given to the patient.

This will tune up the brain and will improve memory. This treatment is also good for preventing and curing diseases like paralysis, senile dementia and other neurological ailments.

The name of dhara varies with the kind of material used for the dhara. Like:Oil – Sneha dhara, Taila DharaButter milk – Takra DharaMilk – Ksheeradhara

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