Atop a tusker in Kerala

Feel high and mighty atop an elephant in the forests of Periyar...

A not to be missed experience! Ride an elephant in Periyar Wild life Sanctuary in Thekkady. You can avail of the services of the mahout to help you. In fact you would never control the elephant without a mahout. Elephants are both practical and revered animals in Kerala. They are used in logging and forest activities, are at the heart of most temple festivities and are to be seen lumbering down the roads all over the state. Except when the male is on musk, elephants are not dangerous or at least not aggressive. When in musk, the elephant must be chained up and be kept away from: they are aggressive and violent and very temperamental. Elephants are generally passive animals, but once their anger is woken - run!

Seated above them is a wonderful opportunity to see further and to feel the mighty mass of the animal as it moves below you. If you can, feed the elephant and give it a good wash. The elephant will love you for that!



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