Cheap as chips and high on variety

Kerala’s breakfast spread – Idli, dosa, masala dosa, vellayappam, uppuma, puttu. The cost is down cheap. 

From top luxurious hotels down to street makeshift stalls serve these breakfast goodies. The delicious combo of Dosa/ Idli & vada topped off with thick sambar (a wholesome spicy curry made with gram and vegetables) or coconut chutney is a great way to kick off your day. 

There are many varieties of Dosa (as many as 50 or more!), to cater to the diverse palates of the guests. Masala dosa is a bigger variety of dosa with delicious filling of cooked potato and vegetables. Ghee roast is the biggest of all, which needs to be folded to fit it in a plate.  Rice flour is an integral part of the Kerala breakfast item, which is consumed in various shapes and forms - either steamed, or fried.

Puttu and the fiery lentil curry is another popular breakfast item in Kerala. Made in cylindrical vessels, puttu is made by steaming rice flour mixed with grated coconut. A full piece of puttu would be more than enough to take you through the whole day of arduous sight seeing trips. Filling and nourishing, puttu could well be termed as the synonym of Kerala breakfast. 
The soft and fluffy vellayappam, made of thick rice flour is another delicacy. It is usually served with egg roast, chicken stew or vegetable curry. It is sweet and salty all at once and is a healthy and oil free preparation, well cut for weight watchers and health freaks. In addition there is an array of other items like uppuma and ada, which monopolize the breakfast tables of Kerala homes. Sample it to experience the sheer multitude of choices on offer.

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