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Seafood cooked the Kerala way

The recipes are many and the catch includes prawns, squids, mussels and fish. You will surely love the tasty dish made of mussel and rice flour, cooked in the shell.

Rice/Tapioca and fish curry are some of the favoured dishes by the local folks of Kerala. A trip down to this coastal State is incomplete without savouring these thorny delicacies. The best places for this are the Vasco Da Gama Square in Fort Kochi and along the Malabar coast. Or if you walk down the Kovalam beach, you can spot open stalls cum kitchen frying fish. You can pick your favourite variety of fish from the array laid out in front of you. He will fry it for you using local spices.

There are many seafood restaurants all over the State where the catch-of-the-day will be cooked in a semi-alfresco setting. You can select from a variety of freshly caught seafood displayed and decide how to get it prepared. We recommend you to sample the grilled lobsters with loads of spices if you are a game for the strong and spicy flavours of Kerala.

Feted for its distinctive cuisine, Kerala is the right place to savour the irresistible seafood delicacies- cooked at least in a million different ways. It is available almost everywhere from the beach-front shacks to the high end resorts and luxury hotels. Some of the chart busters in the seafood menu include shrimp, crabs, oysters, cuttlefish, squid, prawn and tuna. Mussels are undeniably the all-time favourite seafood in Kerala. You will surely love the tasty dish made of mussel and rice flour, cooked in the shell.

The fish curry cooked with lots of spices and coconut is a rage among tourists. Try out the pearlspot speciality of “Karimeen Mappas” or prawn curry in thick coconut gravy.

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