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Learn the basics from the land of yoga

Relax in the mind and streamline the body. 

Special ashrams at Thiruvananthapuram and Nileswaram, near Kasargod are the best locations. Many hotels and homestays offer yoga classes for novices and experts alike. 

Yoga is thought to bring relief to many chronic illnesses like asthma.  Yoga is all about breath control exercises, which ensure beauty, health and fitness. These days, it is presented in simple forms by subtly blending the ancient wisdom of Yoga with modern needs. Yoga is attracting people from all over the world and the endless benefits of yoga make it popular by the day.

No matter whether you are passionate about yoga or just curious to know what it is all about, yoga is a great bet. You can make new friends and relax in a laid back setting in Kerala. If you wish, you can also top off your yoga holidays, with massage and ayurvedic health treatments.

There are many well-qualified and experienced teachers in hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation to suit your various needs. Yoga is an excellent stress buster too; so if you tend to fly off the handle at times, try this time tested and unique practice of yoga and see the difference all by yourselves. It also helps to fight addiction like smoking and drugs. Yoga is thought to have many health benefits such as improving the efficiency of the heart and lowering blood pressure. Think yoga think quality life!

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