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Ayurveda Aphrodisia

Understanding the attitude of Ayurveda towards sexuality

Ayurveda & Sexuality

Ayurveda recognises that the sexual drive is a natural and required human instinct. It is also important for maintaining the essence. Most ayurvedic texts includes whole sections devoted to its natural and healthy course. It is also considered one of the main branches of ayurveda.

Rejuvenation and virility tend to be considered together - the two are concerned with the preservation and maintenance of vitality.

According to Charaka "Vajikarana is a therapy meant for a person who has gained complete control over his desires." This therapy enables a man to approach a woman in an untiring manner (by endowing him with great strength like a stallion).

Rejuvenation (or rasayan therapy) can only be undergone once or twice in a lifetime as it is very strict, especially kupi pakwa rasayan which needs total solation and detoxification.

On the other hand virilization can be undergone at any time, however before vajikaran therapy one must detoxify through panchakarma (Detoxification Before Vajikaran).

Charaka states that the best agent for virility is an exhilirating sexual partner in the wife. Aside from this state, Charaka suggests some highly impractical aides to virility (such as cock's flesh fried in the semen of a crocodile).Such suggestions do nothing for medical science's attitude towards ayurveda.

However Charaka provides general guidelines and specific disciplines and preparations that hold good for today.

Aphrodisiacs for men can be divided into different categories all of which deal with increasing desire and maintaining performance.

  1. Promoting production of semen - milk, Ghee, onion
  2. Purifying action on semen
  3. Promoting fertilisation capacity
  4. Herbs that produce libido
  5. Nervine tonics to combat premature ejaculation

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