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Blood Circulation

Blood Circulation

Charaka was well informed of heart and all its functioning aspects. Heart was seen as a storage vessel to which three types of fluid – blood in the liver, fluid essence of life and rasa dhatu – flowed in and out. He emphasized that some of the dhamanis sprouting from the heart have sensory and motor functions which command control over the body. This apart, other dhamanis, siras and srotas conveyed the three fluids to and from the heart.

He has gone deep into blood constituent. If the colour of blood is molten gold, padmaraga indragopa (an insect) or gunja seed, it is ought to be healthy, he asserted. The influence of vata causes red and thin. Action of pitta causes darkish yellow while clotting time gets prolonged. The work of kapha makes the blood thick, pale and fibrous.

The pulsations in the neck arteries have not been linked to the heart functions by him. The three fluids which flowed in and out of the heart on reaching the dhatus get consumed, leaving nothing to return to the heart. The heart gets compensatory supply from newly digested foods or drinks. The blood receiving tissues were amply listed.


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