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Blood in Ayurveda

Ayurveda's attitude towards blood, purity and impurity

Good health is the sign of possessing pure blood in the body. Pure blood is the guardian of the body. Impure blood, on the other hand, ignites many diseases. The blood becomes impure through various means. Undesirable articles in diet, constant and/or excessive exposure to wind or emotions, suppression of the urge to vomit etc are some of the means. Some of the food articles such as horse-gram, black-gram, sesamum, oil, curd, vinegar, fermented or sour drinks, spoilt or stale food, heavy and fatty foods etc are capable of causing adversity to the blood.

Pureness of the blood can be determined from its color. Blood with gold color, red lotus, fire-fly gunja fruit or lac juice is pure. All the three doshas influence the blood and transform its color to their choice. The influence of vata turns blood more reddish, thin, frothy and non-slimy. Pitta makes it yellow or black with delayed clotting characteristic, while kapha turns the blood pale, viscous and slimy. The influence of all the three or two together makes mixed colour effects.

Impure blood is prone to various disorders. The failure of normal treatment to produce results is an indication that the disease is impure blood infused and specific treatment is required to have the desired result. Blood in urine, gaseous lump in the abdomen, cellulites, stomatitis, intrernal bleeding, excessive bleeding during period, severe debility, narcosis, fever, skin infections etc are some of the likely diseases caused by impure blood.

Purgation, fasting or bloodletting is the method to restore the purity to the blood.

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