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Ayurveda Body Purification Programmes

You don't need to be told that we live in a smog ridden, diesel polluted and food additive world. All of them take a toll on both our mental and physical health. We all need to take time-out to cleanse ourselves: these packages below should do the trick!

These programmes of treatment are designed to cleanse your body of all the c**p so you can re-enter the world all clean and scrumptiously pure.

Body Immunisation Package at Somatheeram

Slows ageing processes,stops degeneration of cells, strengthens immunity.

Body Purification Therapy at Poomully Mana

15 Day Purification Treatment at Poomulli

Purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha


  • Budget-Mid Range
  • Body Purification Therapy at Somatheeram

    Supports the body’s natural mechanism of excreting  toxins and purifying the body.


  • Budget-Mid Range
  • 51 Days Complete Panchakarma Therapy at Coconut Bay

    Panchakarma, which includes five major procedures, is meant to purify the whole body.

    Ayurveda Rejuvenation & Body Purification Package at Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village

    Strengthens the whole body, toning the skin and generating a state of well being. 


  • Budget-Mid Range
  • Body Purification Therapy at Coconut Bay

    Remove all the toxins or free radicals from the body.

    Body, Mind and Soul at Shinshiva

    7 Days of Ayurveda Cleaning in Kovalam

    Close to the famed Kovalam beach, Shin Shiva is the place of peace and tranquility.

    Gulf Recovery Ayurveda Programme

    Recover from the harsh conditions of the Gulf

    A programmed designed to address the impact of the harsh climate and poor diet of the Gulf states for returning Indians or Gulf natives. 14 days+ near Athirapally

    Panchakarma at Poomully Mana

    14 Days programme at ancient ayurveda manna

    Experience the typical Kerala Panchakarma Chikitsa at this very traditional Ayurveda Manna north of Cochin: it does not come more authentic or dedicated than this. 


  • Budget-Mid Range
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