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Ayurveda & the Causes Of Diseases

How Ayurveda understands the cause of underlying diseases.

The basic requirement for health is harmonial balance of Doshas, Dhatus, Malas and Agni.

A life not in conflict with the laws of nature maintains the equilibrium. A life in confict with the laws of nature by wrong behaviour and imbalanced food habits disturb the harmony in the body which leads to diseases. In other words, the vitiated Doshas are the cause factor for diseases.

Doshas behave differently under pathological and healthy conditions when symptoms are elicited as per their vitiation, manifestation and direction of spreading. Doshas are vitiated normally as well as abnormally. The normal vitiation is caused by inevitable and natural factors such as diurnal variations, seasonal variations and digestional variations. The normal vitiation does not require treatment in many cases as it will subside on its own. If at all requires treatment, it is simple and easy.

The abnormal vitiation of Doshas is due to the exposure to specific external and internal etiological factors. Wrong bodily habits, abuse of sense organs’ functions, wrong food habits, incompatible combination of food, suppression of body urges, careless keep of health, regular exposure of mind to greed, anger and jealousy are major contributing factors.

Careful examination and study of the symptoms produced by the vitiated Doshas and Dhatus help detect the causes of disease.

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