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Code of Conduct

The human code of conduct as layed out by Charaka

Code of Conduct

For a healthy living, Charaka has advocated a code of conduct. After taking major foods (twice a day) teeth have to be cleaned. For this he suggested crushed twigs of arka, karavira, karanja and jati having astringent, pungent and bitter tastes. For cleaning tongue he suggested curved thin scraper made of copper, brass, silver, gold or tin. Regular cleaning of teeth and tongue forbids loss of appetite and foul smell. To create fragrance in the mouth, he advocated chewing of cardamom, fruits of kukala, puga, jati, katuka, lavenga etc and betel leaves.

Bath and pray (to gods, cows, Brahmins, teachers, elderly persons) twice a day. Bathing should not be in naked form or exhausted mood. The head should not be dried with bathing cloth. Dirty clothes should not be worn after bath. Wearing of jems and ornaments is good for long life and prosperity. Keep the hair and nails cut periodically. To hike the virility, longevity and strength and to remove gloom wear flowers.

Pupils should avoid study during sunrise, sun set, new moon, eclipse, storms, earth quakes and festivals. Offering of ghee, sacred grass, mustard, barley, sesame etc to the fire accompanied by vedic chanting enhances learning power of the students. Maintenance of cleanliness during study increases grasping power.

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