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Conception Principles in Ayurveda

Mere physical act alone is not enough to have an ideal child born. Certain pre-measures are necessary to be undertaken...


The ayurveda approach to sexual conception

Mere physical act alone is not enough to have an ideal child born. Certain pre-measures are necessary to be undertaken. First of all the couple should clean themselves by evacuative measures. Having done this, the male and female should enforce a specific diet on themselves. The male diet should be ghee and milk prepared with sweet medicinal plants while the female’s diet should be made of oil and black-gram.

Intercourse is to be avoided during 3 days period of menses. The female should have only simple lifestyle during this period. The garments worn by both should be of white color which is synonymous to pureness. Each should approach the other with love and affection. The intercourse after the menses on an even day will probably result in having a male offspring, while the intercourse on odd day may result in female offspring. No desire for another man on the part of woman and for another woman on the part of man should be there at the time of intercourse. Both should be free from anger, grief and hunger. The female should be in a supine position.Improper positioning can result in Vata vitiation .Cold water shower is necessary for the woman after the intercourse.

Do pre-play for twenty to 30 minutes before engaging in intercourse. This is essential to arouse sexual desire. While getting to the bed the male should place right leg first and the female left leg. To have a son with fair, energetic, strong body and strong mind the woman has to adhere to certain lifestyle for a week after the intercourse and during this one week stretch no intercourse is to be performed. Have a drink made of milk of white cow with white calf, barley, ghee and honey in a vessel made of silver or bronze after morning bath. The morning meal should be consisted of Sali rice, barley, curd, milk or ghee and honey. In the evening engage in recreation in a decorated room having lovely seat, lovely bed and lovely clothes. Try to see a white bull or horse smeared with sandal paste on the face.

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