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Diagnosis In Ayurveda

An introduction to diagnostic techniques in Ayurveda

There are mainly three methods in Ayurveda for diagonising the Dosha imbalances and the resultant disease. They are Darsana Pareeksha (observation diagnosis), Prasna Pareeksha (querying diagnosis) and Sparasana Pareeksha (touching diagnosis).

Darsana Pareeksha

This is by observing patient’s physical signs and symptoms, such as, colour of skin, body condition, eyes, hair, behaviour etc.

Prasna Pareeksha

This is by raising minute questions with regard to the imbalance of each Dosha.

Sparsana Pareeksha

This is by touching the patient in which pulse diagnosis, palpation, percussion and auscultation are included.

In Sparsana Pareeksha Pulse diagnosis is highly important. In this diagnosis the Physician feels the radial artery pulsations on the wrist of the patient and by which he grasps correctly the millieu interior.

Two specific diagnostic procedures are employed in the above division. They are

  1. Ashtasthana Pareeksha (Eight step diagnosis) and
  2. Dasavidha Pareeksha (Ten step diagnosis).

Ashtasthana Pareeksha

1 Nadi (Pulse diagnosis)

2 Jihwa (Examination of tongue)

3 Malam (Examination of stool)

4 Mootram ( Examination of urine)

5 Sabdam ( Examination of voice)

6 Sparsanam ( Examination of body temperature)

7 Drik ( Examination of eye ball)

8 Akriti (Examination of physique)

Dasavidha Pareeksha

1 Dooshyam (Examination of all Dhathus and Doshas)

2 Desam ( Examination of all surroundings)

3 Balam ( Examination of strength)

4 Kalam ( Examination of season)

5 Analam ( Examination Agni)

6 Prakruti ( Examination body constitution)

7 Vayas ( Examination age)

8 Satwam ( Examination mental power)

9 Satmyam ( Examination compatability)

10 Aaharam ( Examination food habits)

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