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Food Groups in Ayurveda

Understanding food groups in Ayurveda and their relation to Dhatus


Food and drinks are essential to sustain the life for which no substitute is there on the earth. These two components are the fuel for digestive fire. The burnt food or say digested food of right type provides Dhatus to the body. If they are of negative properties, the outcome will be disastrous to the body. A wide spectrum of positive foods is essential to decide upon the diets. The positive foods are grouped to ten as under:

1} Grains with husk (suka dhanya)

2} Pulses (samidhanya)

3} Meats (mamsa)

4} Vegetables (saka)

5} Fruits (phala)

6} Greens (harita)

7} Alcoholic drinks (madya)

8} Water (jala)

9} Milk and milk products (gorasa)

10 Sugarcane products (iksu)

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