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Formation of Gender according to Ayurveda

How gender is chosen in conception according to ayurveda principles

Formation of Gender

During the course of intercourse semen (male seed) combines with menstrual secretion (female seed) when an embryo is formed. The semen, a product of air, fire, earth and water, is nourished by six tastes of the food. Non-conception or delayed Conception is generally due to defective genitalia, defects or disorder of male or female seed, debility, anxiety or wrong diet.

Dominance of the seed determines the gender of the baby. If male seed is dominant than female seed the offspring will be male and if the female seed is more dominant the offspring will be female.

Discomfort in the heart region, salivation, tiredness, heaviness of the body, missed monthly periods, loss of appetite, vomiting, yearning for sour articles, lactation, langour in the eye, black pigmentation of the lips and slight swelling on the feet, areola are the symptoms of pregnancy.

Desire for special foods and drinks, increased sexual desire, copious secretion in the left breast and speedy movement towards the left are the easily noticeable indications for female offspring. Just opposite indications signify for male offspring.

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