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Impact of Ritucarya (Seasons)

The importance of seasons to Ayurveda


Impact of Ritucarya (Seasons)

Ayurveda conmments on the importance of panchabhoota in evolution of life.The entire universe is made up of the five main bhootas like ether, wind,earth,water,and fire.There exists a strong interaction between life and nature .So as the seasonal changes in living things.Based on earth's rotation there will be different intensity for the climate experienced on earth and hence there badly needs a regimen that favours the climatic variation .The only science that details life styles to befit climate is prehaps Ayurveda.This include all aspects of life .

Ayurveda strongly believes the seasonal variations have a lead role in the vitiation of doshas and hence in the orgin of disease.So arise need for life style modifications according to seasons .The only science that realised this as the first importance is ayurveda Hence explained Ritu Charya -Regimens to be followed in each season.

The importance of Sodhana (purification)therapy is first described in ritu charya .As there will be minimal level of vitiated dosha in the body by the end of each season they need to be eliminated by diet regulations and life style modifications.The five fold purifications are described for the first time in this context.

Preventive aspect of diseases are portrayed in these descriptions.The six seasons are clubbed into two with six months in each. These two are- adana and visarga. Adana, the first half of the season, is associated with sun as a vital form of energy while visarga, the second half of the season, is with moon as supreme power.Adana represents winter, spring and summer. Visarga represents rain, autumn and winter. Adana tends to weaken life of animals and plants while astringent, pungent and bitter tastes rule over the rasa of desiccated body.

Clouds hide the sun, rain occurs and living objects and earth regain strength during visarga. The rasa of the amply watered body gets sour, salty and sweet taste during this time. The lording of tastes in food disturbs vata during winter, pitta in autumn and kapha in spring. For a healthy body the prime tastes in adana and visarga has to be checked by food items having opposite tastes as supplements while daily diet should contain all the six tastes.So is the case for selection of drugs and diet for treating diseases influenced by seasons. It is clear that Ritucarya has suggested right type of foods, drinks and medical procedures for all the seasons.

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