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Kadannamana Kovilakam

Details about Kadannamana Kovilakam Temple in Kerala


Kadannamana Kovilakam

This Kovilakam is situated ahead of Mankada Kovilakam, near Angadipuram. Both the Kovilakams have similarity. Family deity’s temple can be seen inside the Kovilakam. Plus ancient vessels and weapons are there. In the wings there are two temples, Vadakinedath temple and Thekinedath temple. One is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa and another to Lord Krishna. Vadakinedath temple can be accessed from the Kovilakam, whereas Thekinedath temple is on road down right of the Kovilakam. This temple has an extra ordinary conical roof like of which nobody can make in the present time, says the knowledgeable.

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