Kanadi Sree Vishnumaya (Chathan) Temple


Kanadi Sree Vishnumaya (Chathan) Temple

The temple is located at Peringottukara, about 20-km from Thrissur and about 3-km east of Triprayar Sri Rama Temple. The deity is Chathan. Sri K K Vishnubharatheeya Swamy is the Madathipathi (chief priest).

There are scores of Chathan temples in Thrissur district. All are families owned.

About Chathan different versions are in circulation. The more congenial version goes round this way. Vishwakethu, a furious character, was the son of Shakatha Maharishi. Fed up of the furious behaviour and wrong doings of the son the Maharishi booted him out of the Ashram (dwelling and preaching place of Maharshis – monks). Vigalasuran’s (the divine King) daughter Keyoori was sleeping under a tree in the forest when the wandering Vishwakarma noticed it. He began pampering by putting his legs on her lap and began to stay together. The news reached Vigalesuran. He flared up and ordered to bring Vishwakethu and Keyoori before him. The soldiers failed to trace Vishwakethu, but could bring Keyoori. Father put her behind the bars. Hearing this, Sukracharya informed Vigalasuran that Keyoori has conceived a male foetus and that he will destroy the Asura Vamsam (Asura community) whereupon Vigalasuran ordered to abandon her in the forests.

The wandering and tired Keyoori approached an Ashram for water to quell her thirst. Incidentally this Ashram was of Sakantha Maharishi (whose son is Vishwakethu) who quickly grasped who is in the womb of the lady who sought water. Foreseeing the danger ahead, he decided to finish her. He conducted a Homam (bonfire ritual) for the purpose when a demon appeared. When the demon attempted to swallow Keyoori he foresaw the divinity of the foetus in the womb and strayed back. The demon then created a beetle and threw into her womb. She delivered a male baby with a beetle in hand immediately. Soon the demon swallowed Keyoori and traced Vishwakethu and killed him.

A hunter chanced upon the baby and took him to his hut in the jungles. Later he named him Brigan.

Brigan grew up to a boy and he vowed to take revenge on the killer of his parents. The souls of his parents that were taking rounds persuaded him to go to Brahmagiri, the abode of Brahma, and to do penance to please Brahma. He did so and the Brahma appeared and asked what he wants. He said, if he has to die it should be by the hands of a 7 year old boy born from the sperm of Shiva and grew with the breast milk of a virgin lady of Chandala caste and having life on both sides of the chest. Brahma granted his wishes and presented him 10 arrows. Using these arrows, Brigan killed the demon who killed his parents.

Hearing the death of demon, frightened Sakantha Maharishi hid in a cave. He observed strict penance. Impressed by the penance, Lord Vishnu appeared and promised to have a solution to protect his life.

Lord Vishnu convened a Deva Sabha (meeting of Devas) where Narada Mahirishi said that aYakshi in the name of Manaswani is living in Kulikunnan jungles and that she is the daughter of Malayaraja. He further added that Manaswani was subjected to the curse of Parvathi and the time is ripe to finish Brigan, and to discharge the curse on Manaswani Shiva and Parvathi should reach Kulikunnan jungles. Lord Shiva and Parvathi took the forms of a hunter and a Kulivaga respectively and surfaced on the earth. Shiva noticed a beautiful woman taking bath in a stream when he went to have bath and aroused his passion. No sooner Shiva told the woman of his feeling than the scared woman prayed to Parvathi. The lady immediately got a feeling of having intercourse with a forest tribe. Interestingly, the sperm of a tribe had fallen on a wild-root at this time. The incident grew in the mind of the lady and she nursed a wish to fondle a baby. Her mind continued telling her that there is a wild-root with full glory of life in the banks of the stream and that root is anonymously calling her amma, amma (mother, mother). To verify it she went to the banks of the stream in the night when she noticed another woman akin to her with a wild-root in the hands. She penanced for Parasuraman. When she opened the eyes the other woman apparently transformed as Paravathi was standing before her with a good looking baby. Parvathi gave the baby to the woman with an advise that he should be brought up by breast-feeding and said when grew up he shall have nothing impossible to do and then vanished. This baby, apparently the son of Shiva, was later known as Chathan or Vishnumaya.

When the baby attained boyhood he attacked and brought under control a bison which destroyed valuable things in the forest and created nuisance for all. The boy Chathan used the bison as his vehicle for roaming in the jungle. During one of such roamings Naradan appeared and told him that he was the son of Shiva and was born for accomplishing a mission on the earth. The mission is to kill Brigan so as to prevail peace on earth and ensure safety and well-being of the mankind and with this utterance Naradan disappeared.

One day he encountered Brigan and killed him. Parvathi and Kulivaga (his step-mother) blessed Chathan, the Vishnumaya, on his killing the Brigan. Both of them told him that a devotee from the earth will come to him and he should go with him and remain there as the protector of mankind. Saying it both of them together took a fist-full of rice and sprayed in the atmosphere. Immediatey 90 Kutti Chathans (baby Chathans) (equivalent to the number of rice sprayed) appeared. They were sent along with Chathan as his companions to the earth.

It is believed that Chathan should be kept pleased always. The pleased Chathan is a devout protector and eradicator of evil spirits.

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