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Karikkakom Sri Chamundi Temple: Guide


Karikkakom Sri Chamundi Temple

Situated 7-km east of Thiruvandanthapuram city. The shrine is in the midst of evergreen scenery fortied with coconut palms and fauna. The first stage of the reconstruction of Sreekovil (sanctum sanctorum), Mukhamandapam(front stage hall) and Chuttumandapam(side stage hall) completed. The re-installation of the idol made of Panchaloha (five metals – gold, silver, copper, lead, iron) is also completed. Before the re-installation the temple was open to devotees Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays only. After re-installation all days are open for prayers. Unlike in other majority of temples, here there is no cast bar. All are permitted. Though the cardinal deity is goddess Chamundi Devi, Rektha Chamundi, Bala Chamundi, Sastha, Vinayaka and Yogeshwara are also accommodated. During the period of King’s rule this temple was the venue for imparting justice and truth. Truth and justice were tested on oath and solemnization and the punishmentsf meted out accordingly. Even today where Police and Court failed to unearth truth, it is unearthed before the deity by the sheer power of Devi. The people of all castes and creeds, even from far away places, come here to seek justice. Oaths for non-repeat of sins are also a regular feature here. The procedure to the solution of the problem is simple and inexpensive. The plaintiff and the defendant are ordered to have a bath in the temple pond. Thereafter they are directed to stand up with folded hands before the deity and take oath. If the oath is false, sudden retribution is the result.

The deity used to get valuable gifts for helping retrieve stolen articles. This is a regular feature. And many testify that Devi has helped retrieve stolen articles.

There is Raktha Chamundi Nada (Raktha Chamundi front path) on the right side of Devi Nada (front path). This Raktha Chamundi Nada has no idol. Instead, there is wall painting of Devi in Rowdra Bhava (ferocious state) in the wall of Nada. Years back this Nada was used to elicit truth from suspected culprits. This practice is still prevalent, but it is done before the deity of Chamundi Devi.

The temple conducts numerous rituals such as Bali Sadhya, Nirayum Puthiriyum, Uthrada Taneerkuda, Kodi Charthu, Vinayaka Chaturthi Pooja, Karthika Vilakku, Ayilyam Ootu, Sasta Pratishta Dinam, Ulsava Mahamagam, Vishu Kani etc. Among these, Kodi Charthu is more famous. During this ritual the devotees give yellow attire to the Devi as offering.

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