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Medical Four

Medical four consists of physician, medication, attendant and patient, the first being prominent among them.

Medical four consists of physician, medication, attendant and patient, the first being prominent among them.

All the four contribute to the curing process.

  1. The physician possesses practical and theoretical knowledge, skill and cleanliness.
  2. Medication consists of diet and medicine.
  3. Attendant possesses hygiene, loyal and deft.
  4. Patient should have capacity to adjust with the circumstances, good memory and should possess fearlessness, willingness to comply and adjust with medical instructions.

The presence itself of a learned, self-confident and good conduct physician cures the fearsome disorders and half-cure the disorders caused by other reasons. Medicine and diet take care of the remaining half.

The Good Physician

Practical and theoretical knowledge, diagnosis skill, critical approach and loyalty to patients make a good physician. A good physician easily distinguishes minor disorders from severe ones. Partial recognition of diseases by a physician is harmful. In such case his prescription may be of under-rate or over-rate. In either eventuality the patient is put to suffer and his condition may be aggravated.

A good physician foresees the outcome of treatment and recognizes the curable and incurable ones. The curable can be divided into two as easily curable and not easily curable. The disorders caused by the imbalance of one dosha are easily curable whereas if they are caused by the imbalances of more than one dosha the cure prolongs. If the disorder is due to the imbalances of all the three doshas the cure takes still longer and becomes difficult.

The incurable disorders which are caused by all the disturbed doshas and dhatus are deep rooted with involvement of vital organs and joints and refuse to respond to therapies. In such cases palliative measures are the best suited which will provide some degree of comfort and relief.

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