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Nasyam is the instillation of herbal medicines through the nostrils.

Its impacts are very diverse. It removes mucous clogs, cleans and clears the head channels, and also stimulates the brain cells and central nervous system. It is one among the five Panchakarma treatments.

It is commonly used to treat diseases like paralysis, Parkinson's disease, complex headache, acute sinusitis, diseases of the head, neck and nose, Bell's palsy,Arthritis, and cervical spondylosis. Stimulates the brain cells and promotes intelligence and memory power; prevents ageing, refreshes oral cavities, and improves hair growth. The sensory organs become stronger, immunity builds up and the person becomes cheerful and brisk. Betterment of sound quality and skin texture are also the benefits of doing nasyam.

Renowned oils such as fortified Ksheerabala, Anuthailam, and Karpasasthyady are commonly used for the instillation. These oils are a mix of very potential healing herbs, decoctions, milk, and ghee. These include bael, vitex,myrobalan, sida, nut grass tuber,guggul,cardamom, roots of bael, cinnamon, sarasaparilla, sesame oil, goat's milk, rainwater, etc.

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