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Pazhayangadi Ahmaddiya Mosque Kerala

Located at Pazhayangadi in Malappuram district and just 5 km from Karipur Airport. The style is an unusual Mughal style. Malik Dinar, a scholar during the times of the Islamic prophet Muhammad arrived here to set up a mosque, making it one of the first places that Islam was introduced in India.

The Mughal style architectured Mosque has a lovely white dome and intricate filigree work. Amidst the coconut palms in the distance, the Mosque looks highly attractive. It is an 18th century creation. The annual festival called Valia Nercha (big offering) is immensely popular near and far.

It is also called the Kondotty mosque. This mosque is dedicated to Muhammad Shah who was a holy man. He is popularly called as Kondotty Thangal. It is constructed in the Mughal style. The mosque has a magnificent dome and is white in color.

Best time to visit is Festival Time in February


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