Hindu Temples In Idukki Short Guide

A short and interesting guide to the different Hindu temples found in the Idukki region of Kerala

Guide to Temples in Idukki

Annamalai Temple:

1800-year old temple has Chola style architecture. The deity is Shiva. The ancient structure is intact despite modifications and renovations carried out later. A window with nine lattices representing Navagrahas (nine planets), and another widow with five lattices representing Pancha Bhoothas (five devil elements) deserve pointed attention. The idols and lamps are carved from stone and metal, dating back to 14th century.

Uravappara Temple:

The temple is located at Olamattom. It is dedicated to Subramanya Swami. The temple is also known as Malayali Palani. Palani in Tamil Nadu is famous for its Subramanya Swami temple. The legend behind Uravappara temple is that Pandavas camped here during their exile. There are three big boulders here which were supposed to be the three legs of Aduppu (stove) of their kitchen. No water was there and the Pandavas were in dire need of it. At this moment Bhima created an indentation with his foot on the rock, resulting emergence of the water. The pond thus created is known as Uravappara and is still there.

Thodupuzha Sriskrishna Swamy Temple:

Located at Thodupuzha in the northern side of Thodupuzha river. The deity is Srikrishna. Sub-deities are Bhagawathy, Ganapathy, Shiva and Nagam. The temple is owned by the famous Nedumbilly Mana of Irinjalakuda in Thrissur district. This Mana (Namboodiri/Brahmin family) has the right for conducting Thantric rites in the famous Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple of Thiruvananthapuram.

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