Hindu Temples of Thrissur

Guide to Hindu Temples of Thrissur with short descriptions and links to longer information where appropriate

Peringottukara Somashekhara Temple:

22Km Away from Thrissur Town. Its on the way to Triprayar through Cherppu. This is Shiva temple installed by Sree Naarayana Guru. There the festival will come in March.

Vadakkumnathan Temple:

A very big temple in 10 acres, said to have been built by Parasurama, the legend creator of Kerala. Here the deity is Shiva. The famous ‘Thrissur Pooram’, fathered by Shaktan Tampuran, is celebrated in the precincts of the temple. To facilitate the Pooram he cleared teak forests of 54 acres around the temple. The temple is enclosed by 15 ft massive walls.

Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple

Home of Sri Krishna Temple. 32 km away. The temple is very famous and the devotees come here from far away. Some days hours warrant in queue to reach the sanctum due to bulging devotees. During night thousands of oil-lamps lit around the temple and a dance form of Kerala, Krishnattom, kick-starts. The devotees believe that the presence in the precincts of the temple wards off the evils. Here there is peculiar system of offering called ‘Thulabharam’. Read More

Arattupuzha Temple:

16 km away. The deity is Dharma Sastha. The temple is 1500 years old. In its annual festival 41 temples participate. The deities-seated elephants representing the temples march to this temple on Pooram day. 65 to 101 caprisoned panchyderms mesmerize the event.

Shree Rama Temple:

Situated at Triprayar, in between Guruvayur and Kodungallur, with equal distance of 25-km to both the places. The deity here is Shree Rama in the form of Chaturbhuja - four arms with conch, disc, bow and garland (one item in one hand). The deity is considered as Trimurthi (three Gods) as there is a semblance of Shiva and Brahma to the idol of Rama....Click here to see more

Urakam Amma Thiuvadi Temple:

This temple is on the way to Aratupuzha. The distance is about 12-km from the town. This is the oldest temple in the area. It was constructed by a reputed Namboodiri family, mainly to avert disasters that overtook the region. The idol here is cleaned by feathers of peacock, a custom not prevailed anywhere else.

Kodungallur Bhagwathi Temple:

The temple was built by Chera king, Chenguthuvan. The deity, Kannagi (also called Bhadrakali or Bhagavathi) possesses immense power, it is believed. The main festival called Bharani is celebrated in Meenam (March-April) to symbolize the killing of demon. The temple has an unusual system during its festival....Click here to see more

Koodalmanikyam Temple

Located at Irinjalakuda, 16-km away from Kudungallur and 25-km from Thrissur. The deity is Bharat, the brother of Rama. The temple is of 9th century old. The temple has many structures which were repaired by during the rule of Shaktan Tampuran. There is a 10-day long festival during Medam (April-May). The staging of Kerala’s own art forms every day is an essential part of Pooram.

During Karkidakam (July-August) Anguliangamkoothu, Ramayanamkoothu and Koodiyattam (all the three are Kerala’s own performing arts) staged here.

Tayamkulangara Sree Subramanya Temple:

The temple is located at Cherpu, about 10-km from Thrissur town. The deity is Subramanya.

At the east side of the temple, beyond Main Road, facing west is the shrine of Hindumban who was an ardent devotee of Subramanya Swamy who is facing east. Behind Subramanya Swamy’s shrine there is a shrine for Ganapathy which too faces east.

This temple is more commonly known as Kerala Pazhani.

Thiruvanchikulam Mahadeva Temple:

Located at Kodungallur, about 30-km from Thrissur. The temple is of many centuries standing.

The saint Sundarmoorthy Nayanar and Cheraman Perumal (both were close-friends) worshipped Lord Shiva leading to eternal bliss. They reached Kailas (the abode of Shiva) by riding on a 1000-tusked white elephant by Nayanar and on a blue horse by Perumal. Both of them have shrines in the temple. This event was taken place on Swati day in the month of Karkidakam (July/August) and special Poojas are performed in these shrines.

There is yet another story winding the temple.

Vazhapully Sree Rajarajeswari Temple:

This temple is located at Edamuttam on NH 17, about 30-km from Thrissur on the south-west direction and about 20-km from Kodungallur on north direction.

A lively story shines this shrine.

Vishwanathapuram Subramunya Temple:

The temple is located at Irinjalakuda on Irinjalakuda-Chalakudy route, about 25-km from Thrissur and about 2-km east of Koodalmanikya Kshetram. The deity is Subramanya, facing east. Ganapathy, Sastha, Durga, Idumban, Nagaraja and Yakshi are sub-deities.

The main offerings are Abhishekam with milk, tender coconut, rose water and Bhasma.

Consecration was carried out by Bodananda Swamikal under the direction of Sree Naraya Guru. Bodananda Swamikal was the successor of Sree Narayanu Guru who was a social reformer and founder of Sree Narayana Dharmaparipalana Yogam (SNDP).

Kanadi Sree Vishnumaya (Chathan) Temple:

The temple is located at Peringottukara, about 20-km from Thrissur and about 3-km east of Triprayar Sri Rama Temple. The deity is Chathan. Sri K K Vishnubharatheeya Swamy is the Madathipathi (chief priest).

There are scores of Chathan temples in Thrissur district. All are families owned.

About Chathan different versions are in circulation.The more congenial version goes round this way.

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