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Urban Sprawl meets Coconut Land

Don't let the first few minutes of your Kerala experience be fraught with worry...

For so many visitors to Kerala, this is your first experience of the look and feel of the country.

Sadly, the Indian habit of building along the road is much in evidence here as well as poor road quality and the frequently suicidal nature of Indian drivers. For westerners, seeing a whole family perched on a 125 moped looks as dangerous as it comes, but curiously there are few accidents involving them.

The first thing you will pass is Kerala's only golf course beside the airport. Based upon the paucity of players, golf does not seem to have taken off among Keralites!

The main road from Thrissur to Kochi is always filled with traffic and you will weave in and out of it like a dancer. For visitors from the North, you will also be struck by the absence of beggars who are much rarer in Kerala than anywhere else.

If you are returning to the airport for one of those dastardly middle of the night flights, then stop for a final chai as you hit the airport road. Join truck drivers and fellow passengers as they enjoy a final taste of India. Many of your fellow sippers will be on their way to work in the Gulf and the packed SUVs are mourning the departure of a loved one who will probably be absent for a year or more.

Keep an Eye Out for..

  • Kerala's newest and smartest shopping mall - Lulu
  • Elephants being transported on lorries
  • Gaggles of school children, smart as peacocks, on their way to school


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