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Far from the madding crowd in North Kerala

Go off the beaten path in Kerala to the quiet beaches, backwaters and hill stations of North Kerala. Yes, empty beaches, traffic-free backwaters and quiet tropical beauty everywhere! Boutique accommodations.

Discover the northern parts of Kerala that sees very few tourists despite the quiet beaches, clear backwaters and the dense woods in the hill station of Wayanad.

Enjoy Malabar Muslim cuisine that is unique to the area served by Faiza Moosa of Ayesha Manzil. 

Detailed Itinerary

3 days mingling with North Kerala culture at a Homestay in Thalassery (Telicherry).

3 days in a Jungle village at Western Ghat.

4 days relaxing on an unspoilt beach at Neeleshwaram.

Day 1 to Day 11 Chauffer driven car at disposal from Calicut airport to Calicut airport.

Itinerary Notes:

Please Note that Accommodation may change depending on room availability.

Further Information

Duration in Days

10 Days/9 Nights

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20 Watch Theyyam

Discover the divine occult temple ritual of North Kerala

The oldest ritual art of Kerala, Theyyam invokes the temple deity with frenzied dance. It is a common feature of temples in North Malabar. 

10 Enjoy local art performances

Unique dance, music and art make Kerala intriguing

Kerala is rich in many local art forms such as Kathakali, Mohiniyattam and Theyyam.

11 Bathe in the Mountain Waterfalls

Waterfalls to splash around in the heat

The crystal clear waters that flow down the mountains of Kerala make a wonderfully refreshing shower.

14 Savor Nature’s Refreshing Tonic

Relish tender coconut water sans any additives

No added flavours, no extra sugar and no preservatives. 

22 Enjoy The Temple Music Of Kerala – Panchavadyam

Percussion and orchestra of a different kind

You can catch up with the mesmerizing spell of panchavadyam recitals during a temple festival or religious processions.

26 Live In A Tree-House

Be one with nature living in a tree house near the forest

Fulfill your desire to be with nature; stay in tree-house at Thekkady or in any wildlife sanctuary. The sweet scent of forest flowers will refresh your nerves and mind.

27 Unwind On The Sun Kissed Beaches

Relax and enjoy water sports

Kerala has some of the best beaches in the world. 

43 Watch Arabian Dhow And Its Making

Visit a traditional Arabian wooden boat building yard

Khalasis have been the traditional boat builders based in Malabar region for over 5000 years. 

52 Enjoy Mussel Delicacy

Spicy mussel dishes offer a fresh take

From high-end restaurants to wayside shacks, you get this delicacy everywhere. 

47 Watch A Kaikottikkali

A festival dance done in homes by the women

Kaikottikkali is a traditional dance by the women in their homes for Onam celebrations. Deep clapping of palms in melody with articulated and measured steps and jumps in tune with the singing by the players themselves constitute the play. 

29 Go Mountain Climbing

Climb mountains in Wayanad and Munnar

Climb up a mountain, get a bird's eyeview, communicate with nature. Chembara peak, 6890 ft from sea-level, is an ideal spot. It is in Vaithiri in Wayanad.

30 Watch The Martial Art Of Kerala Kalarippayattu (Martial Art)

The most ancient martial art in the world

Widely acclaimed as one of the most extensive personal combat forms and the oldest living martial art form

32 Taste Kerala’s Own Fried Crunch Snacks

Crispy treats in coconut oil

These are good munchies to add fun during a movie or on sightseeing walks.

33 Don’t Forget To Taste The World’s Best Breakfast

Cheap as chips and high on variety

Kerala’s breakfast spread – Idli, dosa, masala dosa, vellayappam, uppuma, puttu. The cost is down cheap. 

35 Visit The Snake Park

See the King Cobra

The snake park at Parassinikadvu in Kannur is the only snake park in India. 

42 Taste Palpayasam

Sweet rice dessert

A sweet delicacy. Prepared with milk, rice and garnished with raisins and cashewnut fried in ghee is a delight for the palate. 

Special Journeys on this Tour

The Train North

Cochin to Tellichery in India Railways

You cannot experience India without travelling on the world's largest railway system. Slow, chatty and so Indian. Travel up the Kerala coast from Cochin and soak it all in

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