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  • Ready in: 15 minutes
  • Complexity: very easy


  • Rice or wheat flour
  • Jaggery or sugar
  • Coconut (grated)


  1. Make a dough of rice/wheat flour, the way you do it for to make Chappatis/Rotis.

  2. Mix both together (well) – sugar/grated jaggery and coconut.

  3. With wet hands, make a ball of dough – and fill it with the mixture of sugar/jaggery and coconut.

  4. Use a steam cooker, or vessel (with lid) to prepare this, but ensure that the vessel has enough water for steam cooking.

  5. Put on flame; let the rice/wheat balls (with 'sugar/jaggery and coconut' filling) cook on/over steam, in the vessel for 10-15 minutes.

  6. When it is done, let it cool for a while. Now, it is ready to be served! Enjoy!

    P.S.: an 'Ottada' can be prepared the similar way (with above specified ingredients); all you need here are “banana leaves”. To know about it, visit our other pages!

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