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  • 1. Pachari (Rice) – 250 grams
  • 2. Jaggery (molasses) – 250 grams
  • 3. Nenthrapazham - 3 nos
  • 4. Copra - 50 grams
  • 5. Sesame (Black) - 25 grams
  • 6. Cardamom – 10 nos
  • 7. Oil or ghee as per need


  1. Soak rice for 1 hour, drain the water and grind it to a fine flour.

  2. Grind the bananas and jaggery in to a thick paste

  3. Now mix the floor to the mix of banana and jaggery which you made into a paste and blend it into a fine batter (add a little bit of water if needed). Roast grated copra and sesame seeds in oil and mix it to the batter. Now keep the batter aside for about 3-4 hours. Mix powdered cardamom to the batter.

  4. Fill each unniappam cup with three quarter oil/ghee. When the oil/ghee gets hot pour the batter to the cups. Fry till golden brown and relish the crispy Kerala delicacy.

    Note – Can be preserved for over a week.

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