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Credit Card Payment

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Making Payments to us

Generally speaking all payments are in Indian Rupees although with credit card payments we collect in UK Sterling using the daily rate given to us by the Royal Bank of Scotland. We pay all our Indian suppliers in Rupees and for the sake of clarity we try to simply use the exchange rate of the moment to enable you to pay in your own currency.

For those who prefer not to use the Internet for payment, you can call the UK or Cochin office to make a payment. We have merchant account facilities with Royal Bank of Scotland and use secure terminals to process payments.

You can also directly transfer money to our bank account if you prefer. We will notify you when we have received the sum into the bank.

Banking Fees:

Sadly banks use international payments as an opportunity to earn some pretty steep fees. We wish we could avoid this for you but no amount of lateral thinking has given us a brainwave on how we can.

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