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How to travel around in Kerala?

Auto Riksha
Kerala’s village beauty is spectacular. To experience the village life and beauty, it is ideal to travel in an auto rikshwa (A Tuk Tuk) – a 3-seater. Auto riksha are also far much cheaper than taxis, and taking a ride on these three wheeled vehicle is a fun experience.These ricshaw wallahs can be easily spotted on by the khaki shirt they use to wear.

The second option is line bus which are much frequent than trains. They use to bridge in the gaps in the rail network. Third option is taxi. A train journey offers glimpses of Kerala’s beauty and village life.
Ferries are also a prominent feature of the day to day life in backwater regions in Kerala. Ferries acts as a great link to move from one place to another. One can get ferry in Kochi, muncipal ferries move along the harbour connecting the main jetty in Ernakulam with different islands.

Chauffeur driven cars are a good way to move around the city. These local rental cars will cost around 1000-1200 per day for 200km. An additional km will cost Rs6-7 per km.

Enjoy the freedom driving on these bikes and explore the place in a better way. Do make sure you have a driving licence before hitting the streets. These two wheelers can be perilious as Kerala roads are full many sharp turns and twists.

Its a great option to have a gentle jaunt along the narrow city lanes and shady backlanes of the coast. Many hotels and resorts too provide these gear less bicycles on rent.
Walking To catch the happenings of this splendid place you can also stroll around the city and catch a glimpse of all the lively things going around. Get close with the locals and know more about the culture and traditions of Kerala.

Warning: Do remember to carry an umbrella with you while travelling in Kerala, as it would be handy, to protect you from the scorching heat and also from rains.

Thursday, 12 July 2012 Posted in Kerala Travel

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