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Kerala Travel Tips

Visas :
Visa is necessary for all foreign nationals before they can enter into India/Kerala. You can get one from India consulates or embassies. There is a charge for them and also, usually something of a wait in the queue.
Extension of the visas is granted by the Commissioner of Police, Thiruvananthapuram. Phone : 0471-2320579.

Money :
The indian currency is the Rupee which is now readily exchangeable with foreign currencies such as dollars and euros.
There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency visitors can bring into India.

Banks :
Open for transactions from 1000 – 1400 hours during Monday to Friday and 1000 – 1200 hrs on Saturday. Sunday closed. Credit Cards : Main hotels, restaurants and shopping centres honour major credit cards.

Currency :
Indian Rupee. Conversion rates : US $ Rs 43.00, Pound Sterling Rs 78.45, Euro Rs 52.85, Swiss Frank Rs.34.20, Singapore Dollar Rs 25.95, Canadian Dollar Rs 37.35, Oman Rial Rs 112.60, Saudi Rial Rs 11.42, Bahrain Dinar Rs 115.00, Kuwait Dinar Rs 139.79, UAE Dirham Rs Rs 11.66, Qatar Rial Rs 11.71. Slight variations may be there on each day.

Travel kit :
Cotton outfits, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion etc during summer.
During winter and monsoon any type of fabric and no hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion required.
Umbrella or very light raincoat is required during monsoon.

Drugs :
Heavy penalties including imprisonment for possession of narcotic drugs.

Nudity :
Nudity is not allowed anywhere in Kerala.

Demonstrativeness in public :
Hugging/kissing in public is not accepted in the State.

Ayurveda :
Go only to the ayurvedic centres classified or approved by the Department of Tourism. see our section on Ayurveda

Food :
All standard restaurants offer a variety of cuisines including Continental, Chinese, Indian and typical Kerala varieties.

Water :
Tap water is purified and safe to drink. It is not advisable to drink water from slow moving streams, lakes, rivers or dams. Bottled water is also available.

Emergency Contacts Telephone Numbers :
Police Control Room : 100, Fire Station : 101, Ambulance : 101.

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