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Luxury, Superior and Standard Houseboats

All our cruises are offered in Luxury, Superior and Standard Houseboats. You can pick one of the following that would suit your budget and requirements.

Luxury Houseboats

Luxury Houseboats are the most luxurious boats in our catalogue. Though on the higher end, one can rest assured of a lavish cruise on the placid backwaters. With its plush interiors, aesthetically done up designs, huge lounge and spacious rooms, a cruise in the luxury houseboat offers a getaway that is comfortable. What you are going to enjoy is the feeling of being in the midst of all the comforts, though you are disconnected from the city. The premium houseboat is best for large groups, where the guests can lazily stretch themselves watching the sun or indulge in a book or catch up with music.These houseboats are air-conditioned and have quieter engines, prerequisites for a better sleep and overnight stay. Our guests prefer it for the state-of-the art facility and immense quality.

Superior Houseboats

Though relatively easier on the pocket, Superior Houseboats compromise neither on the quality nor on the service. These houseboats offer almost the same facilities as that of a luxury houseboat, but at a more competitive price. The size of the houseboats are larger than the standard houseboats and are a notch higher when  it comes to comfort.A large patio, cozy furniture and spacious bedrooms with attached bath are the features of the Superior Houseboats.. These are air-conditioned and well appointed with cozy and comfortable furniture. Superior Houseboats are preferred for family vacations and small gatherings as they come in competitive price.  The houseboat features a well-appointed patio, bedrooms, attached bath and all modern amenities. All the safety and security concerns are also taken care of.

Standard Houseboats

Our Standard Houseboats are perfect for budget travellers looking for easy priced holiday options. They are clean, furnished and offers all the basic amenities. You will probably love it for the authentic charm it radiates. But not so for the non-availability of AC! But we see to it that you are comfortable and still have a pleasant stay.

You can select the houseboat cruises and Bedroom type as per your budget.

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