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What is the food available in a houseboat?

The Houseboat cruise commences with a traditional Kerala lunch. The guests can begin their lunch by sampling tapioca and fish curry – a local favourite. The tapioca is usually boiled and cooked in spices and served alongside spicy red fish curry. This is followed by an elaborate meal of rice and curry. A slice of fried Pearl Spot, Kerala Chicken curry and vegetable dishes are normally served. The lunch is served buffet style and consists only of authentic Kerala dishes. Tea and typical Kerala snacks like Banana roast will be provided in the evening.

Houseboat chefs usually cook traditional kerala food; this is to get the real houseboat feel. These food are most time spicy. But if you brief the chef, he can make it less spicy for you. Most of the time it consists rice, tapioca, idly, dosha, appam, chapathy, dal, sambar, chutney,  fish curry, chicken curry, fish fry, fruits, salads, pickle, pappad, sweets, tea, coffee etc. Cooking oil is most time coconut oil or vegetable oil.

As per request, bread, butter, jam etc are also served.

You can always buy crab, prawns etc from floating or other markets by paying extra.

Sample Houseboat Lunch

  • Kerala Backwater Rice - fatter and shorter than normal rice
  • Sambar ( a type of Indian vegetable stew)
  • Avial (thick mixture of vegetables, curd and coconut seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves)
  • Vegetable Thoran (vegetables sautéed and cooked along with coconut in coconut oil)
  • Vegetable Mezhukkupuratti (fried vegetable curry - very tasty)
  • Salad - don't eat just to be on the safe side
  • Pickles & Curd
  • Pappad (South Indian chappati of sorts)
  • Payasam (a classic North Indian rice pudding flavored with cardamom, raisins, saffron, cashew nuts, and pistachios)
  • Vermicelli
  • Plantain

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