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What to Eat

It is good to have more vegetable and fruits, better with those we can peel the skin off. Steamed food are always safe. Specially idly with sambar & chatney, puttu & kadala, boiled rice preparations etc.

Kerala was 100% vegetarian. It is only recently we started including meat in the daily menu. Now there is hardly a day with out chicken,beef, mutton or pork in the menu.  Changing food habbits. We can see the result from the increasing number of hospitals in Kerala, which are always fully packed. 

Paratta (porotta), whics is jokingly said as the 'state dish', which is most favoutite for all ages.

Maida is a finely powdered and refined flour of wheat, closely resembling cake flour, and used extensively in making Indian fast food and Indian bakery products. Even it takes 16 hours for paratta to digest (or we have to hard work 2 hours in field), people still love it with beef and chicken. Before we used maidaonly  to stick movie posters on wall.

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