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Ayisha Manzil

1862 Colonial Bungalow beside the sea

Ayisha Manzil is a sumptuous colonial guest house once known as “Judges Bungalow” in Tellicherry, with views to the Arabian Sea. Over 150 years old

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  • Ayisha Manzil was built in 1862 by Murdoch Brown, a tradesman from the East India Company, and bought in 1900 by the Moosas, a local timber trader family of Muslims who still runs it today. Experience the warm hospitality, traditional cuisine with emphasis on the fresh seafood and local culture of Tellicherry. 'Ayisha Manzil' oozes history. Antique furniture and family heirlooms decorate the spacious rooms.

    Begin your day in Ayesha Manzil with an early morning trip to fish market and spice merchant and end with a great feast. A houseboy can accompany you on trips to a 6km long tropical beach, the fruit markets of Tellicherry or to the 300 acres of cinnamon plantation which is 10 kms away from the house (originally established by Murdoch himself and is the only one of it's kind in the country).

    Mrs. Faiza Mooza, a joint host in Ayisha Manzil and internationally renowned will delight you with her own specialty in cooking Kerala dishes. If you enjoy eating spicy and hot food, prefer for it. In the evening a cooking demonstration is done by Faiza Mooza, in which you can take part. Apart from enjoying eating and swimming at Ayisha Manzil, hire a bike or cycle to ride along the coast and in the evening watch 'Theyyam'- a ritual dance performed at Parashinikkadavu Muthappan Temple.

    KarmaKerala Review of Ayisha Manzil

    Ayisha Manzil is a colonial style bungalow with a magnificent sea view. Mr. Moosa and his wife Faiza runs this place as a homestay. And they have achieved well deserved international recognition for the high standard of their Malabari Muslim cuisine.

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    Distance to Airport

  • 100 Kms
  • Nearest Railway Station

  • Thalicherry
  • Distance to Railway Station

    3 Kms
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