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Hari Vihar

Family run very traditional homestay/ayurveda centre in Calicut

Situated in Calicut, Harivihar offers its guests the unparalleled experience of living in a heritage homestead surrounded by a verdant and serene landscape. You can also experience the benefits of proper Ayurveda (Green Leaf accreditation).

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  • Set in a residential colony, Hari Vihar is more or less an exclusive entity in itself. The guests can avail all the urban life sophistication in a room of your choice. Dining at Hari Vihar Heritage Home & Ayurvedic Resort is also a delightful experience.

    Rejuvinate your body and mind with rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments at. Expert teams of efficient and trained physicians will suggest you the suiting treatments and will heal your ailments through Ayurvedic treatments. Shiro Dhara, Kizhi, Shirovasti, Pizhichil and Navarakkizhi are some of the special Ayurvedic treatments at Hari Vihar Heritage Home & Ayurvedic Resort, Calicut. Some of the other recreation activities that one can indulge in includes Yoga, meditation, sightseeing tours to places like Kappad beach and Kalari. Canoeing, watching Kathakali, Urn-making, bird watching and so on are other great activities one can take part in during a stay at Hari Vihar Heritage Home & Ayurvedic Resort

    Add to this courses in Yoga, discourses on the Vedas and Indian Mythology, performances of traditional Kerala art forms, delightful drives to the splendid beaches and hills in & around Calicut and it becomes clear why Harivihar is a place like no other

    Activities in and around Harivihar:

    1.Ayurvedic treatments and rejuvenative massages

    2.Yoga training-by the Yogacharya from Sivananda yogasram

    3.Kerala cookery demonstrations and classes

    4.Inhouse cultural progammes -arranged on request depending on availibility of artists

    5.Take a splash in the traditional bathing pond at Harivihar

    6.Visit to Common wealth trust loom-a heritage working loom where guests can get a first hand experience of the working of an old textile loom.(4 kilometres

    7.Visit to Beypore Uru Yard-famous for its wooden ship manufacture ,Beypore attracts quite a few guests each year.(10 kilometres

    8.Visit to astrologer - visit an astrologer at his house and discuss your future with him. You should know the time and place of your birth for calculating your astrological predictions

    9.Visit Sweet meat street ,teeming with small shops selling literally everything from bangles to brass lamps.(4kilometres

    10.Visit Kappad beach-the site where Vascodegama first landed in India, Kappad is a lovely unspoilt beach where one can also see the real life of the fishing community. (13KM)

    11.Visit Chemanchery back waters-The back waters of Malabar are equally beautiful but less touristy compared to the ones in South Kerala.Chemanchery is a sleepy little hamlet 18 kilometres north of Calicut where one can see the village life and take a canoe ride with the locals

    12.Visit Mishkal mosque-an old historical mosque located in the city(5 km

    13.Visit a local cultural programme -the hosts would be glad to take you to the many cultural programmes that are part and parcel of the cultural life of Calicut

    14.Visit a temple festival-There are scores of small temples in the city precincts and the hosts could organise visits to most of these festivals.Festival time is from November-March

    15.Visit a Kalari school-Kalari is a highly evolved traditional art of self defence prevelent in North Kerala.There are a number of Kalaris in Calicut which train children in this art. Classes are held in the early morning hours

    16.Visit Spice market- The Spice Bazar at Calicut is the oldest in Kerala where in the olden days the Chinese followed by the Arabs and the Europeans came to trade for the legendary spices of Malabar.(5km)

    KarmaKerala Review of Hari Vihar

    Harivihar is one of the leading Panchakarma treatment centers and Yoga centres in Kerala.

    Further Information

    Hotel Facilities

    Non SmokingArea

    Rooms Available

    Double Rooms, Twin Rooms

    Nearest Airport

  • Calicut
  • Distance to Airport

  • 20 Kms
  • Nearest Railway Station

  • Kozhikodu
  • Distance to Railway Station

    6 km
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